Friday, June 15, 2012

Did Britain’s PM receive favours from Murdoch?

For the most part I’ve been loathe to read any of the ad-nausium Hackgate stories in the Guardian ever since we learned of the extremely unscrupulous measures employed by Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s sultry News of the World tabloids unravelings - which I say Tally Ho! Throw the lot of them in the slammer or whatever jail cells are called in England.

Yet it seems somewhat despicable that Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron could potentially be in cahoots with Messer Murdoch - which is simply shocking; NOT! Feigned gasp of surprise here...

As I only bring this matter up since ironically? Mr. Murdoch simply happens to be the Capitalist trying to take 100% control over the British Sky TV Network which is conveniently hosting this year’s round of PAY Formula 1 races on the British Telie, after it was wrangled away from BBC, and now Murdoch’s Sky Italia network has done a similar Pay for F1 television deal in Italy - as Uncle Bernaughty and his crony Banker bosses continue to milk the golden goose to death! Coincidence?

As I would simply be loathe to be forced to pay $480-pounds per year to simply watch a few hours of Grand Prix on the weekends. As could this abomination of greed be coming stateside in the future? As after all it’s Murdoch’s FOX TV conglomerate that owns the rights to the US telecasts...

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