Wednesday, June 13, 2012

American F1 Circuits get notoriety

Don’t know if Y’all caught it or not, as Funnyman David Letterman is on a roll. First hosting three time Indy 500 Champ Dario Franchitti the day after Belle Isle and then a week later Sebastian Vettel made his Late Show debut the day after the Canadian Grand Prix.

As Master ‘Zebb (Vettel) was on a bit of a publicity junket - having spent the day chauffeuring media folks around the proposed 2013 New Jersey Grand Prix circuit in an Infinity G37 IPL coupe - which even reportedly included Smokey ‘Zorro-type celebratory doughnuts torched into the streets of Weehawken! You know the type Alex Zanardi used to do to punctuate his victories...

Then Vettel made his way to the Edward Sullivan theatre in NY to do a very quirky but enjoyable interview with Messer Letterman who seemingly went out of his way to give ‘Zebb grief, or was that just Late Show Shtick? Yuk-yuk-yuk, which you can watch the video below, as I especially enjoyed the part about what’s needed for driving the Jersey circuit...

And last but not least, and not to be outdone; Circuit Of The America’s, COTA, not to be cornfuzed with CODA; Hya! Has just announced Super Mario, nee Mario Andretti as the venue’s newly anointed Track Ambassador - as perhaps Y’all caught that riveting grid interview by SPEED’s “Willie Buxom” (Will Buxton) at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where Mario was flanked by Uncle Bernaughty. BLEEP! To which I think ‘Hobbo, aka David Hobbs quipped smartly how Bernie’s always got a passel ‘O World Champions in tow; Hoohah!

As Mario was busy wracking up his frequent flyer miles over the weekend, having jetted up to Montreal from being in Texas the prior evening in order to do his duties for COTA, as the Austin F1 circuit has just been visited by the FIA’s Technical Delegate Charlie Whiting along with putting Grand Prix tickets on sale...

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