Friday, June 8, 2012

Bahar finally Bounced Out of Lotus

So all I can say is Good For You Group Lotus! As I have NOT been a fan of the recently jettisoned Lotus Cars CEO Dany Bahar since Day-1... As I’ve always felt he was a Pie-in-the-Sky Dreamer who apparently was trying to emulate the legends of past Flimflammers - boldly saying how he’d make Lotus a competitor to Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini...

Yet the BAD news in all of this is what exactly will be the knock-on effect to the diminutive iconic British marque so brilliantly built up by Colin Chapman and his illustrious grouping of Formula 1 World Champions... As Messer Bahar has now conveniently become the Fall-man for the Malaysian Government’s leaders stubbornness and pride in refusing Tony fernandes the chance to save this sinking ship - after all being the man who sparked the Lotus brand’s recent uptick with his Lotus F1 Racing and who would have probably made Lotus Cars profitable was squeezed out by the very people who’d sunk millions into the Bahar fantasy... As it’s seemingly too late now that Fernandes has gone the Caterham route, eh?

Having been in Indianapolis recently I regained some admiration for “Symona-symona,” (Simona de Silvestro) who not only continues her struggles with the recalcitrant Loti lump, but was also nice enough to grant me an autograph on her way to the Last Row Party - as it appears that her only perk of driving the ‘SLOTUS is getting to pound ‘round in a loaner Lotus Evora which she was spotted driving in Indy...

Yet, the ‘Luddi or ”Lotus-by-Judd” IndyCar engine scheme seems to be just one more example of the Bahar Pipe-dream scenario, as I Was led to believe that the Lotus Indy Car engine was derived from a Judd Sports Car engine - to which I can only surmise is potentially heavier in weight due to its engine block architecture? Not to mention all of the other  deficiencies such conversion would create - as I’m unwilling to say the exact number of horsepower I was told that the ‘Luddi lump was down in contrast to the Chevy’s and Honda’s; other then obviously it was massive!

This led me to believe that the Lotus IndyCar engine was done on the quick ‘N cheap and I fear that this will be its one and only season in the Indy Car Series... As it seems illogical to continue on at the tail end with a single competitor...

Yet it would be nice to see a third competitive manufacturer challenge the Chevy’s and Honda’s in 2013 and onwards, as perhaps Alfa Romeo, Chrysler or Mazda will join the fray, although I’d enjoy seeing Cosworth do a proper effort  for the likes of ford or whomever?

As I won’t link to Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward’s most succinct feeling’s which you can read in today’s blog post Oh Danny boy; BUTT! I wonder what Group Lotuses Flash-bang PR Dept. will put out now after previously having gone on a charm offensive against Mr. Saward?

Good Riddance Mr. Bahar!