Friday, June 22, 2012

INDYCAR: Please FIX your BLEEPIN’ Internetz maladies...

Thanxs to No Fenders ‘Offical Photographer ‘CARPETS for a heads-up upon Iowa IndyCar practice - I tuned in the practice via MOOZILLA since is still DISABLED on my IE8 (Internetz Exploder) browser; URGH! As why has the website page been permanently DELETED and all I get is immediately re-directed to the overly bland mobile page instead? Note to Indy Car; NOT every Freakin’ person in the world wants to listen to qualifying via cell phone, Yuhs hear me Mr. Bernard?

Then just to twist the knive in deeper - since I traditionally “TRY” listening to the IMS Radio Network broadcasts via my PC; Mike "Yippee Aye Eh!" King blathered on 'N on 'bout how fans were stark raving mad about how GURR-REAT! The IndyCar broadcast was via the mobile App; FU!

Then guess what? The FREAKIN' live practice broadcast DUMPED with just over 5-mins 40-seconds remaining in the 45min session when everybody was flooding the track w/sticker tyres to go for the Top-8 positions as Practise-2 sets the starting lineup for tonight's riveting Heat Races... As my speakers just went BLANK! And I tried refreshing the page, re-logging on/off, etc before sayin’ SCREW I-T!

Hmm? As IndyCar wants us 40 ‘Somme-thuns with Confuzers to continuously prattle on positively ‘bout how GURR-REAT the sport is? And to think I gave up on watching the Euro 2012 Germany vs. Greece Football match for this run-around instead; Oh Never Mind!