Monday, April 26, 2021

Welcome to Formula One’s Pariah Club George Russell

As what gives with today’s youth? Get Off My lawn Buggers!


First ‘N Foremost, I totally 100% understand that it does Not matter what an Aging Blogger thinks or Scribbles…


That said, I found myself feeling Depressed over the current state of Formula 1 following that Mega crash between the Up ‘n Comer George Russell vs. Dare I say it? Veteran Valtteri Bottas at the illustrious Tamberello corner at the Autodromo Internacional Enzo e Dino Ferrari circuit at Imola, Italy.


As we know the youthful Russell in the anemic Williams FW43B was trying to overtake Bottas in the world beater Silver Arrows Mercedes W12 on a drying track with just a single dry line upon it’s slippery tarmac, for which Bottas rightly positioned his car to force Russell to have to go onto a damp patch of Ash-fault in order to try passing him, which we know went Haywire!


And may be I’m making too much out of the irony of two formula 1 drivers colliding at a Mega 290kph, ergo some 180mph at the very same corner where the late Ayrton Senna lost his life, as Russell screamed over his In-car radio “Is He trying to Kill Us?” But the very last Red Flag preceding this incident in San Marino was 27 years ago for Senna’s accident at this very same corner!


As I’ve said previously, I’m not a Fan of toto Wolff’s, but did appreciate him publicly calling bullshit upon the 23 year old Mercedes Development Driver. As Russell is trying to emulate Bottas path to a coveted Mercedes seat, as the Finn graduated from Team Willy’ after Nico Rosberg retired upon becoming World Champion in 2016, the last time anybody Beat Sir Lewis for the title!


Also I’ll begrudgingly agree with Herr Wolff that it does indeed “Take Two to Tango,” but I firmly believe the accident is Russell’s fault, and I’d even go so far to surmise the Briton totally knew who’s car he was trying to Overtake and make a not-so-subtle statement in the process…


As what’s that ‘Ol Saying? Oh yeah, be Careful what you wish for! As I’m sure Valtteri might have something to say about being Sir Lewis’s team-mate, Eh?


And I know that I shouldn’t draw conclusions over one event, but for the moment I’ve lost a huge bit of respect for Russell, who I like as a driver.


But may be I’m just a Tottering ‘OL cojer, Shush! But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend the past few years that first began with whom I nicknamed Maximus Hothead’, aka Max Verstappen, who seems to have toned down his Rants and is much calmer this year, so far.


Next, I noticed Charles Leclerc seems to be quite mercurial over the In-car radio when he’s Not getting his way Ontrack, especially as Vettel’s “wingman.”


Along with Lando Norris who’s always either complaining about somebody else’s driving style or trotting out a ready made excuse for why he can’t get further up the grid! Which in fairness seems to totally mimic Golden child’s approach.


And then Ditto for Russell, who seems to go Berserko on the radio after something goes Horribly Pear Shaped! As these four in particular seem to act like they believe the video games their so prolific at carry over onto the real tarmac and everybody should just simply get Out of their Bloody way!


As how many countless times have we seen Golden Child (Hamilton) drive in the exact same defensive posture Bottas was doing? And would George have tried the same Overtaking maneuver on Lewis Hamilton’s Silver Arrows if hypothetically the chance arrived?


While I’ll also admit it’s Rich hearing Hamilton complain over being “roughed up” by Verstappen on the run into the first corner at Imola, as seriously Lewis? Getting a bit toasty in the kitchen?


Yet again in fairness, suppose none of these Young Turks holds a candle to ‘lil Syd viddle’s (Vettel) radio antics, since I’ll never forgive him for telling the late Charlie Whiting to G-O FUCK HIMSELF!


Did I say and do Stupid things when I was 23, Absolutely! Which to put into perspective was so long ago, that it’s now 32 years ago when I saw Ayrton Senna my one and only time in person walking into the F1 Paddock for practice on the Streets of Phoenix Arizona for the Iceberg Grand Prix, aye Karumba!


As I bring up Senna’s name because he’s the most Ruthless, Vindictive and Maniacal Formula 1 driver of All time! And only “the Professor” (Alain Prost) comes close to being as Devious as the Brazilian was.


Although Ayrton obviously was a brilliant driver, who I rank ahead of my Hero Der Terminator’, aka Michael Schumacher! Who perhaps I’m still biased over, but I cannot recall the German ever going All Potty mouth or Sniveling over the radio?


As the part that Depresses me about F1 right now is the Uber’ Testosterone laden need to completely Crush the Soul of your competitors, be it placing your knee upon the neck of your team-mate or the opposition and clearly define who the true Alfa Male is!


As may I still be Naïveafter 35 years of religiously following Motorsports to feel this type of behaviour doesn’t occur Stateside in Indy Cars? As I get it that everybody wants to be P1, but IndyCar doesn’t appear to be the same bloodsport Formula 1 is…