Friday, April 30, 2021

Formula 1 to Trial Sprint Races

As Now we’ll have Qualie’ twice in One week…


Not sure of the exact specifics, but in case you haven’t heard? Formula 1 has just “Signed Off” on holding three “Trial” F1 Sprint Qualifying Races this season. Beginning with the British Grand Prix. Then at Monza and lastly at Sao Paolo.


From what I understand, the gist of it is that Friday’s normal (Free Practice) FP2 session will be replaced by Qualifying to decide the Starting Grid for Saturday’s 100km Sprint Race that follows the now renamed FP2 that was originally FP3. As the Saturday afternoon Sprint Race will then decide the Starting lineup for Sunday’s traditional Grand Prix Race.


Tyre allocation will be changed to suit the new weekend’s format, with 5 sets of Qualie’ rubber Me thinks? Along with the extra caviot of six bonus points in the fashion of 3-2-1 for the Top-3 Finishers of the Sprint Race being awarded, presumably as incentive for the field’s competitors.


As I really Don’t have any initial opinion on this, since I guess I’d consider myself a traditionalist who doesn’t like Change! But I suppose the Sport hasn’t been massively affected by the multiple Points Scoring system revisions, except Statistically.


Since when I began following Formula 1 it was 9-6-4-3-2-1 for just the Top-6 Finishers, before being awarded thru eighth place and now down to 10th. Along with the points structure change, i.e.; 25 points to the winner, etc.


But then again if I recall correctly, a single point used to be awarded to the Pole winner during the early 1950’s? And now we’ve got a bonus point for Fastest lap during the races, meaning you just cannot Statistically compare F1 Generations, especially with the proliferation of Grands Prix being Added to the Calendar each gory year! Since how do you compare 16 races vs. 23?


Although the more I think about it, I do Not like the Mucking Up of the Historical aspects of it. Since theoretically Lewis Hamilton could score his unheard of 100th Pole position this weekend in Portugal. As Pole position has always been for the Fastest lap during true Qualifying, so how does running a Sprint race equate to that?


As let’s leave the Sprint Races and Reverse Grids to the FIA’s Formula 2 Feeder Series instead! Since I’m still Cornfuzed on which Qualie’ session the Official Pole position is Awarded to? And how it relates to the History of Formula 1 Overall. But I’m sure we’ll All learn as these three Qualifying sprint Races happen, Righto?