Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Johann Zarco sets new Speed record in Qatar

But is this simply too Fast for a Motorcycle?


As where’s ‘Ol Professor (Steve)Matchett when Yuhs need him? As I can fondly here Matchett proclaiming that Satellite Ducati Pramac Racing rider Johann Zarco’s unbelievable Speed record at Qatar’s Losail International Circuit was 362.4kph in “New Money,” or an astonishing 225.1mph in “Old Money,” Aye Karumba!


As Zarco’s new Top Speed record is the fastest official time set upon a MotoGP “Scooter,” eclipsing the previous mark held by ex-Factory Ducati rider Dovi’, nee Andrea Dovizioso at Mugello, recording a blistering 356.7kph,where the racetrack’s straight is longer than Losail’s One Kilometer straight. (0.621 mile) Which naturally begs the questione will the Ducati’s be able to go faster a Mugello this May 30th? When everybody will have Eyes Only for Mother Speedway and it’s 135,000 Delirious Fans…


The Mugello Circuit is 5.245 Kilometers (3.259 mile) long with 15 turns and a 1.141km (0.709 mile) straight, and is the same racetrack that held last year’s Formula 1 Tuscan Grand Prix race on September 13th during the Pandemic ravaged F1 Calendar.


If I recall correctly? Zarco’s Uber Insane speed is just some six miles shy of what Antonio “Jungle Boy” Pizzonia set behind the wheel of one of Team Willy’s, ergo Sir Frank’s (Williams) iconic racing cars of 231mph at another Italian racetrack. Arguably it’s most famous known as The Temple of Speed, aka Monza! And that was with a three liter normally aspirated V-10 lump vs. the Ducati’s “Sewing Machine” V-4 motor.


Pizzonia recorded a speed of 369.9kph on Monza’s straight during the 2004 Italian Grand Prix aboard a Williams FW26 motivated by a BMW 3.0-litre V-10 while substituting for the Injured Ralf Schumacher. As the BMW lump was considered the most powerful engine on the F1 Grid that season, Pumping out an uber Stout 1,000bhp!  


But as we All know, Top Speed is typically not indictive of fastest Overall lap time, which has been documented over the years in Formula 1, and presumably IndyCar’s too, albeit don’t know if Indy Cars have as many Aero bits to play with vs. F1?


The Duc’s were strong in Qatar, especially with their monster Holeshot device, seeing four ducati’s leading into Turn-1 while Maverick “Top gun” Vinales slid backwards to sixth place, behind his Yamaha team-mate Fabio Quartararo.


But the somewhat cooler, windier, gusty conditions took away some of the Red bikes impressive top speed, albeit Ducati Corse rider Jack Miller and Pramac Racing’s Jorge Martin made life difficult for the trailing Suzuki’s of Alex rins and Joan Mir.


Yet vinales steadily marched his way forward picking off one Duc’ at a time before winning the race with Authority! And once again, we’re left with a Scooter’ with better Overall lap time being victorious.


And the very same result happened a week later, this time seeing Quartararo carving up the “Red Bikes” for another Factory Yamaha victory, whilst Vinales mirrored Fabio’s  first race result coming home P5.


Whilst Zarco’s two runner-up finishes on his Satellite Pramac Ducati enabled him to be the points leader heading to Portugal. Where I have No idea if it’s a “Handling” track or Top Speed venue? Although I suspect it’s more of a Handling circuit, Eh?


Leaving us ton ponder which comes first: The Monster Horsepower Ducati’s or the corner carving Yamaha’s?