Friday, April 30, 2021

F1: Miami Joins the Party

But how well will they be received in the Miami Gardens?


During All of the excitement, as I was busy watching MotoGP followed by the Season Opening IndyCar race, and then Formula One’s Imola Nightcap I missed the initial announcement confirming Miami Hosting it’s inaugural Grand Prix in 2022.


As No race date has been scheduled yet, since next year’s Formula 1 Calendar is presumably only in it’s planning stages currently, and very little seems known about the exact racetrack configuration, other than it will be held on the Hard Rock Stadium Grounds, utilizing the Football Stadium’s parking lots to create what race promoters are calling a Blank Canvas.


Apparently a preliminary sketch or rendering has been “Tweeted,” teasing us with the following: 19 Corners, 5.41km, (3.36 mile) Speeds approaching 320kph and up to 3 DRS Passing Zones.


As the contract is for 10 years beginning in 2022, ironically the year following when America’s only current F1 Venue COTA, nee circuit Of The Americas initial 10yr contract expires. But Liberty Media, Err the FIA are trying to continue sounding very Bullish upon the U.S. Market and expecting to have two United States races beginning in 2022.


Arse-sumedly Defacto F1 Circuit Designer Hermann tilke will be involved in the Miami “Street Circuit” design, albeit the use of the parking lots makes me think of another Stateside event known simply as the Caeser’s Grand Prix in Lost Wages. (Las Vegas)


And when I think of COTA and Herr Tilke, I cannot help but get a smirk upon my face hearing Promoter Extraordinaire Tavo Hellmund calling him “Tilkie!” As Tavo was a Founding member of COTA and responsible for bringing Formula 1 back to North America, thanks in part to his long association with El Supremo Uncle Bernaughty’, aka Bernard Charles Ecclestone.


Meanwhile, McLaren F1 Team Boss Zackery Brown who seems to enjoy stirring the pot, has thrown out a bit ‘O muckery by floating the idea of COTA and Mother Speedway (IMS) holding the second U.S. Grand Prix on a rotating schedule, a la what Germany’s Nurburgring and Hockenheimring previously did with the German Grand Prix…