Thursday, April 1, 2021

Is IndyCar’s Cable TV Arrivederci Tour Set to Commence?

And is this just one more sign of how Impotent IndyCar truly is?


Sorry Folks, No Gory funny business today, just my somewhat Morose thoughts upon the impending Demise of NBC Sports and what it means to a longtime visually impaired, Uhm ergo Blind Open Wheel Racing Devotee…


Why Do Motor Racing TV Channels Always get Screwed!


First Thar were the wonderful Speed Channel with IndyCar and later Formula 1 Live Practice, Qualifying and Races, which I finally Broke Down and purchased  my One ‘N Only Satellite system some 20 years ago, subscribing to the Dish Network solely in order to be able to obtain the Speed Channel, which then became known simply as SPEED.


But as we All know, the GURR-REAT Brainchilds at FOX decided to turn it into a Soupier Doopier “Stick ‘N Ball” TV Channel called Fox Sports One, also known simply as FS1instead, albeit still airing that Dreaded 569lb gorilla RASSCAR’, Urgh!


And now us dedicated Open wheel Racing Fans will lose our second Motorsports TV Channel when thoust Bastardos at Comcast shutdown NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) at the end of 2021, with IndyCar, IMSA Sports Cars, MotoGP and World Superbikes to name just a few of the many racing series it currently Airs on our “Home of Motorsports.”.


Naturally I’m pretty Perturbed over this development, especially since almost three years ago now, when signing up for my current Cable TV provider Spectrum’s service, I specifically signed up for the Higher priced Silver package to make sure I could get NBCSN on thy Telie’, which naturally I’ll “See” my Cable TV Bill Decrease when NBC Sports Disappears, Righto?


And I already know what two of my fellow IndyCar Bloggers will say upon this matter, especially since some two years later it still Nastily Sticks in My Craw! When one of them Bellowed that I should either Put Up or Shut Up when it came to needing to subscribe to NBC’s Gold Bricks Pay Wall service, Uhm NBC Sports gold Pass “Streaming” service in order to watch IndyCar’s Practice and Qualifying sessions live.


Yet what Nobody will understand or get, unless you’re Freakin’ Blind like your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso is… Thar Ain’t NO Streaming service that easily works, i.e.; Interfaces “Seamlessly” with Screen Readers! A la how trying to sign up for COVID 19 Vacination is Impossible for the Blind, But I Digress…


Since Everybody wants to throw away $50 playing Russian roulette that the necessitated Streaming Service will Work with Thar Gory Screen Reader, El Correctomundo?


And I also recall one respected Motorsports Journalist saying to Mwah: Why would anybody want to listen to a race on the Radio?


After I’d lamented to him ‘bout IndyCar taking Away our Access to the IMS Radio Broadcast Network for Practice and qualifying sessions, when IndyCar signed a contract with Comcast prohibiting that. Whilst I’ve never tried listening on Race Day’s  since it’s 11 Kuh-gillion percent easier to simply use Thy TV Remote vs. trying to locate ‘N click upon the teensy  weensy Play button icon wherever was Hiding It! Since if you’re Blind, Oh Never Mind!


Yet I understand why Everybody wishes to “cut the Chord,” as Holy Overpriced Cable TV Prices Batman! As my Spectrum Bill has increased by nearly 12 George Washingtons, i.e.; $11.76 per Month in just over Two and One Half years, OUCH! Although I do have the required Bundling option of Telephone, Internet & Cable TV included, albeit supposedly I  signed up for a three year NO price increase “Contract.” So WTF?


Whilst the other IndyCar Blogger as already Decreed that it makes perfect “Business” Sense to him for NBC to move the NBC Sports Cable TV portion of Indy Cars coverage to their “New & Improved” Peacock Streaming service. Noting how the service is Free if you’re a Comcast Premium Subscriber, BLEEP!


As I particularly like and wholeheartily agree with what ‘Ol Statmann Carruthers of Speed Freaks fame mentioned awhile ago when discussing NBCSN going away, by noting: “We’re all gonna $5.99 Ourselves to Death!”  


As there’s several issues with this logic, even if it’s the way the world’s turning towards the “Thetherdd” traditional TV model controlled by Overzealous, Greedy, Capitalistic TV Behemoths that control what we’re able to Consume on a Daily Basis in the name of Entertainment.


Firstly, this implies that you need to be a Comcast customer, which many people either won’t be able to do so due to where they live or are unwilling to pay for it’s exorbitant pricing! Not to mention that this is a Monopoly and that it also possibly requires you Paying More to go behind it’s Paywall, regardless of what others will say about it Not being a Paywall!


As IndyCar would be wise to notice how much of a Beating Formula 1 has taken over it’s insistence of forcing F1 Aficionados behind the various Countries different Paywall choices for viewing Formula 1 and how many Viewers they’ve LOST due to this practice!


Since I’d argue that IndyCar desperately needs every stinkin’ Gory Eyeball it can get right now, which Arse-sumedly the easiest way to do this is by continuing to be easily available upon Terrestrial Cable TV Channels…


Thus what would be the best outcome possible for longtime Fans like Mwah, since I’ve been religiously following IndyCar’s for over three decades now, would be to simply move the NBC Sports portion of IndyCar coverage onto Comcast’s USA Networks TV Channel, which according to reports has a slightly higher number of U.S. Household viewers than NBCSN does.


Since surely, Nah,  No Shirley Aeroplane’ Jokes Here! Thars plenty of room over the weekends when Law and Order Criminal Intent Marathon rerun sessions occur to host a few hours of motor racing, Righto? Ahem, besides Bloody NASCAR!


As I feel sorry for Sports Cars and Motorcycles getting the Boot from Cable TV, which I’ll miss watching MotoGP since it’s one of the most competitive forms of motor racing right now! While I can always access Sports Cars via Zed Internet at IMSA Radio, which Fucking A Ray, is FREE and doesn’t include ANY Commercials! Can You Hear Me Now IndyCar?


But if IndyCar’s Cable TV portion does migrate to el Stupidio Peacock “TV” Streaming service, then I’ll either attempt to simply listen to it just on Race day’s on Ye Intrawoods’ IndyCar Radio Network or just Not bother at all! Which will be a Sad, Sad Day for a longtime IndyCar enthusiast!


And if IndyCar’s thinks it’s viewership numbers are Pathetic right now, just wait ‘til you lose a further large Chunk of your loyal Fanbase…