Monday, May 3, 2021

Tracy ruffles Peacock’s feathers!

Watch out PT’, looks like NBC’s giving you Thar version of thou Chrome Horn treatment!


Yeah, this is really old news now, but I never weighed in on it, so here goes nothing. As what better way to start Ye Month ‘O May, Eh?


I first heard the news via IndyStar’s Motorsports Scribe Nathan Browne the Monday preceding the season opening IndyCar race at Barber Motorsports Park, where Browne reported what Oh Kanaduhs’ Norris McDonald was reporting Up North eh!


That NBC Sports had Chopped Paul Tracy’s IndyCar TV Broadcast schedule dramatically this season, in what appears to be punishing Tracy for having signed up to race in Tony Stewart and Ray Evernham’s Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) Series this summer, where PT will compete against the likes of Tony Kanaan, Hulio’, (Castroneves) Marco Andretti, Willy t. ribs, Bobby Labonte, “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville” (Elliot) and others on rival Network CBS Sports.


As there are multiple rounds that conflict weekend-wise with the IndyCar calendar during the Summer months, but Tracy contends that Stewart and Evernham had promised him a private Plane to fly him to each of the IndyCar races  in question, but NBC wasn’t happy with that solution. While it’s worth noting that Townsend Bell had several similar conflicts last year when racing Sports Cars in IMSA…


As Norris McDonald wrote on April 12th that Tracy would be only involved in 6 of this season’s 17 events, including notbeing part of the St Pete IndyCar Broadcast, which we now know isn’t true.


Thus it appears that PT’ will be “On Air” from Alabama thru Indianapolis, presumably both the Indy GP and Indianapolis 500 before going on enforced Hiatus. With tracy missing the months of June and July before returning to the Booth for the August 8th debut at Nashville. Then another month’s vacation before returning for the final two races at Laguna Seca and the Season Finale at long Beach, BOO!


But the real Beef of this No Fenders rant is IndyCar moving en masse to Peacock itself and some in Ye blogasphere constantly taking Swipes at those of us who continue to Uhm, what was the word used? Oh yeah, Grumble about having to Pay to go behind NBC’s Sports Paywall!


Since is it really true that setting the stage for IndyCar’s biggest event of the year will Not be available on either Network or Cable TV? (NBC/NBCSN)


As I find it Blasphemy that Qualifying weekend, i.e.; Saturday and Sunday’s Pole Shootout and Last Row shootout for this year’s 105th running of the Indianapolis 500 will only be shown on Peacock, WTF!


As talk about your Self promotions, eh? As this is simply Outrageous! And Seriously?

You cannot Afford to run the typical lame arse 2hr television Infomercial programmes of past? As you’re simply Killing the Sport Mr. Mark Miles and IndyCar!


Also, if you’re being forced to Pay $4.99 extra per month, then shouldn’t you be getting More “Bang for your bucks?”Meaning shouldn’t Tracy be in the Commentary Booth the entire season? Along with  the Full compliment of Pitlane Reporters.


As Rutledge Wood Doesn’t Count as a Pitlane Reporter in my book! And I really do Not know what he was doing on the St Pete Race Day TV Broadcast? Other than providing Non-value Added Fluff!


As I totally enjoyed one “Grumpy” ‘Ol IndyCar blogger’s Zinger ‘bout when another of Rutledge’s “Riveting” segments was coming up, it was time to go unload the Dishwasher, Shuh-zamm!


As it seems rich how NBC is effectively Double dipping and giving it’s customers less! Not to mention, if you’re blind like I am, have I mentioned that lately? Then firstly you probably Don’t own a Smart TV and do Not wish to have to go buy one simply in order to be able to continue watching, Err listening to IndyCar’s! And secondly, you Cannot See how to “Stream” the Stupid Gory Peacock TV Channel on said device!


And let’s not even get started on how retarded Indycar’com’s website is! And doesn’t like “Working together” with my Zoomtext Fusion 2021 Screen reader!


But Don’t think you’re getting a Free Pass either IMS! Since I won’t even try logging onto your Gory website!


Whilst I also haven’t been able to figure out the El Stupidio IndyCar Radio App! As I do Not want to sign-up for the Gory Fucking App Bastardoes! I just want to be able to easily click upon the “Listen live” link on my Desktop wherever it’s embedded on your thoroughly Annoying website!


All of which leaves me with a knot in my stomach and shaking my head in Disgust! Wondering why is IndyCar doing everything in it’s power to drive away it’s loyal, remaining Fanbase?


As I understand I’m not part of it’s most coveted Male 28-49 Demographic, or whatever the age bracket is? But Seriously? IndyCar need every Stinkin’ Eyebal it can garner right now and into the future!


Since if Thar’s one thingy obvious, it’s that there’s too many choices for our Entertainment, and we’ll simply go pick something else if it’s not easily available at our Fingertips…


As we’ve already seen what making us Diehard Fans wait a ridiculous 175 days between IndyCar seasons does, with Barber’s TV Rating being Down, Gee Wally? Are you surprised? Like did Anybody know you were back on TV? Can you say Promo’s? And how many more viewers are you gonna Lose over the season and for the Month of May when Nobody can find you on “regular” TV?


As the Burning Question for Mwah is if IndyCar’s Offseason is six months, and then you only race five Calendar months before Arse-sumedly another Gory Half year’s offseason. And then return with a Terrestrial TV Package that only shows at best half of the races? Aren’t you simply Killing the Series? Oh Never Mind!