Thursday, May 20, 2021

F1: Sir Lewis sets Another Milestone

But how many people actually care?


Yeah, I know we’re All supposed to be Punch Drunk over the endless Drone ‘O IndyCar’s warming up for this weekend’s riveting Boomp’ Day and Qualifying for this year’s 105th Indianapolis 500. But Across thou Puddle as the late Claire christened it! Thars another race taking part in Ye Principality this weekend, beginning with the traditional day of practice for F1 commencing on Thursday in Monte Carlo…


By now, Y’all know that “Golden child,” aka Sir Lewis, nee Lewis Hamilton has done the unthinkable by scoring his record setting 100th Formula 1 Pole position, something I truly thought would never happen!


As Hamilton’s totally smashed his Boyhood Hero Ayrton Senna’s long standing tally of 65 Poles, then beaten only by Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher’s 68, which Lewis has long since eclipsed.


Yet putting this into even more astonishing perspective, was the fact that Kroftie’, aka Sky Sports TV Pundit David Kroft prattled on ceaselessly following Saturday’s Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying session about how only five Bloody Formula 1 Constructors have ever scored 100 Pole positions. As initially I struggled to guess who the fifth F1 Constructor was? As the Top 4 should be easy for any of Yuhs F1 Diehards. Which I’ve listed below in order of Thar “Historical” Sporting Heritage, albeit Number 5 should come before which of the Others?


Times Up, put them Pencils Down!


Scuderia Ferrari

First Race: 1950 Monaco Grand Prix

As the only F1 Constructor to have participated in Formula 1 since the inception of the Modern era in 1950, albeit missing the very first race at Silverstone and beginning at  the second round in Monte Carlo instead. Naturally the Scuderia leads All categories, i.e.; Starts, Wins, Podiums, Pole positions, Fastest laps and Constructors and Drivers World Championships.


As la Scuderia has amassed amazing tallies from it’s 1,014 Grands Prix Starts as of the previously concluded Spanish Grand Prix. Having claimed a staggering 237 Wins, 228 Poles, 16 constructors and 15 Drivers Championships. Although Ferrari hasn’t won the Constructors title since 2008, whilst Kimi “The Iceman” Raikkonen is the last F1 World Champion to don rosso Overalls in 2007, Aye Karumba!



First Race: 1966 Monaco Grand Prix

This iconic British team was founded by Bruce McLaren a long, long time ago. And is currently in a long rebuilding process, trying to return to it’s last great Dominant era under thou Ronster’, aka Ron Dennis and those crushing Marlboro McLaren race teams, not to mention it’s fruitful West McLaren days, when Cigarette sponsorship came in Cubic Dollars…


McLaren has amassed 182 victories, 155 Poles, eight Constructors and twelve Drivers Championships in 884 Starts. Yet it’s now nearly a decade since Jenson Button won the 2012 Brazilian grand Prix, the team’s latest victory. While their latest Constructors & Drivers titles were in 1998 and 2008 respectively.   



First Race as a Team: 1977 Spanish Grand Prix

First Race as a Constructor: 1978 Argentine Grand Prix

Although Sir Frank actually began his storied foray into Formula 1 a decade prior with the advent of his Frank Williams Racing Cars, Team Willy’ will always revolve around it’s main iteration as Williams Grand Prix Engineering for Mwah.


As Sir Frank and Sir Patrick Head molded the Minnowesqe F1 “Garagist” into arguably one of Formula One’s Greatest Teams,. Amassing a impressive 114 Wins, 128 Poles and 9 Constructors and 7 Drivers Championships during 748 Starts as an F1 Team and 740 Starts as an F1 Constructor over it’s 43 year reign, before the team was sold to the somewhat “Mysterious” Owners, U.S. Based Dorilton Capital in August, 2020.


Thus the Starts tally are somewhat inflated since the team continues racing under it’s iconic name, which after all is the strongest part of it’s Brand  identity.


As Williams Glory Years arguably were the Mid 1980’s with Honda power and early 1990’s when they slayed everyone yearly with their le Reggie’ (Renault) V-10 lumps’ with Bloody Nige’ (Mansell) “the Professor” (Alain Prost) Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve claiming their final World Championships between 1992-97.


Although it’s interesting to note that Williams actually won it’s first two World Championship titles with Alan Jones in 1980 and Keke Rosberg in 1982 with the legendous Ford Cosworth DFV three liter normally aspirated V-8.


While the team’s latest win came following Sir Frank’s 70th Birthday at the hands of the unlikely Pastor Maldonado, with a belated birthday present at the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.



First Race: 1954 French Grand Prix

Although the Silver Arrows legacy began in the 1950’s, when Formula One Constructors raced in the colours of their respective Country, hence Mercedes-Benz donning a Silver hue,. The German Auto Manufacturer ceased All Motor Racing activities after it’s horrendous crash during the 1955 24 Heurs du Mans where over 80 Spectators were Killed!


Yet El Maestro’, aka Juan Manuel Fangio claimed two of his then record five F1 World Championships when driving for Mercedes-Benz, along with his most capable “Wingman” Sir Stirling Moss, when the two drivers crushed their competition.


But for Mwah, Mercedes as an F1 Constructor doesn’t truly begin until 2010, when they took over, Err bought out Ross Brawn and his Brawnd Grand Prix operation. Thus in only a decade’s plus time, from a modest total of 231 Starts, compared to their contemporaries. The All Conquering Silver Arrows and Sir Lewis have simply decimated the Competition! Winning 118 races and 129 Poles in that relatively short span. Along with seven Constructors and nine Drivers Championships and counting, Sheisa!



First Race: 1958 Monaco grand Prix

Last Race: 1994 Australian Grand Prix

After I thought about it, I guessed that it must be the once mighty Team Lotus who belonged to this elite fraternity of Formula 1 constructors…


Yet the sorted history of Lotus is most construed, with reputedly a total of four, or is it five? Various incarnations of what originally began as the illustrious Team Lotus founded by Colin Chapman in 1954.


Then for 1995 Pacific Grand Prix merged with the faltering, dying embers of the once glorious Team Lotus for one season rebranded as Pacific Team Lotus before their demise. As longtime IndyCar Aficionado’s, err Champ Car diehards will recognize the Pacific Grand Prix Team founder’s name, since it was a bloke named Keith Wiggins.


Then there was Tony Fernandes Commercial attempt towards resurrecting Team Lotus by laying claim to the name and racing under it’s perceived Banner between 2010-11 before Gerard Lopez and his “Lotus-Lotus,” Err Lotus Cars carried on between 2012-15 before the Lotus name was again retired when Renault took back over it’s previously jettisoned Formula 1 Operation at Enstone.


As Team Lotus scored a total of 102 Pole positions from 489 Grands Prix Starts, along with 74 Wins. Plus a tally of 7 Constructors and 6 Drivers title, with both of these final Championships occurring in 1978 when somebody named Mario Andretti won his lone F1 World Championship.


And whilst I find myself rooting Ah-Mightily for Max Verstappen, or anybody else? To knock Sir Lewis Off his Perch, for which at least hopefully Verstappen can win this year’s Monaco Grand Prix.


“Golden Child” (Hamilton) who currently sits on 98 Grands Prix victories firmly has claiming Number 100 and many more on his radar. By doing so, will match what only four F1 Constructors, ergo Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Mercedes have done, i.e.; winning 100 Gory Grands Prix!