Sunday, February 14, 2010

Runaway Red Horse

So I have to say it was pretty DAMN Hilarious to watch ‘Dem Pickem-Up Trucks NOT even be able to complete a single lap without wreckin’ last night at Daytona… After having been rained out the day before, as it was pretty cool that ‘Juan of the Talking Heads “Spotlight” Drivers was none other then Nelson ‘Pickett Jr. who managed to avoid not one but two massive nine truck pile-ups… And even funnier yet was running 1-2 with another ex-Formula Uno Piloto named Massimiliano Papis, albeit MAD MAX was ahead before apparently Pickett Junior gave Massimiliano his patented Singapore Shove, Err I think it was a LUV-tap, eh? As after all it’s Valentine’s Day weekend… Although I’m not sure if they’ll be exchanging Valentine’s Cards with each other?

Yet apparently the other Drivers didn’t get the Memo ‘bout it bein’ cupid’s Weekend as there wasn’t a whole lotta LUV bein’ shared as 20 of the 36 Dancin’ partners got ‘DONE TORN UP!

But it was pretty cool to hear none other then ex-RASSCAR Driver Phil Parsons wax-on about the lineage of Pickem-Up Truck Nielsen Ho (Piquet Jr.) noting he’s the youngest ever British F3 Champion along with his Pappy Nelson Piquet Sr. being a three time World Champion. Only one of eight to accomplish the feat in Formula 1, as Phil noted that the elder Piquet had nearly a 1-in3 ratio of finishing on the podium… With 23 wins and 60 podiums in 204 Grand Prix starts, with Pickett Jr. finishing 6th in his very first NCWTS start, just one place shy of a Top 5 finish…

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