Saturday, February 6, 2010

RUMOUR: Senna to join USF1?

As the header of my newest category states… this is just some wild ‘ARSE rumour-mongerin’ by your Fearless No Fenders Scribe, as Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward likes to call those of us in the Bloggaratzi “Cut ‘N Paste” ‘Vurd Botcherer’s! Thus I can only react to the current speculation running ‘rife on le internets… (Hey! Its gotta be right if it’s on duh internets, eh?) Over Campos Meta 1’s impending demise? With wild talk of new Formula 1 Constructors being allowed to miss a maximum of 3-Races before having their FIA Dance card punched… As reputedly Dallara has pulled up stakes with Campos Meta and has allegedly signed a deal with the upstart Stefan GP? With further rumours claiming that Michael’s famous brother ‘Ralfanzo could also return to F1? Which would mean that potentially Campos Bruno Senna could be left out in the cold again? Since if this happened he’d either need to take a much unheralded Testing role, since Kazuki Nakajima’s name is being touted as ‘Juan of Stefan GP’s Drivers. Or perhaps jump ship to the only remaining seat at you guessed it! Pete windsor’s All Americana US F1 Team. Then again I’m just guessing’ here, as now I’ve run upon speculation that some Spaniard named Adrian Valles will get the seat instead. Meanwhile Adrian Campos broke his silence by telling the BBC that people are saying stupid things about his Teams shortcomings, and he hopes to have more to say on Monday…

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  1. I've heard Rossiter for USF1 seat
    still there are Canadians looking for rides