Monday, February 22, 2010

Write to Randy and John

Ok Race Fans, we need to do this pronto, as I’m a little behind here once again, as that pressdog guy has been uber creative by having figured out ways to not only contact Indy Car’s VP John Lewis, but also initiated a letter campaign to soon to be newly anointed Indy Car CEO Randy Bernard.

So you can get the info below – and please NO “Randy Andy” or “Dear John” letters… Just keep it simple ‘N sane and let these two guys know your thoughts upon the current status of the Indy Car Series…

IndyCar Fans: Remember to Write to Randy

John Lewis, VP of Marketing, Talks about IndyCar's Effort to Talk to Fans

And don’t forget that Keith Wiggins ‘N Co. want to also hear from you too!


And now I’ve gotta go write a concise one page letter to Mr. Bernard asking to please choose anything BESIDES the Delta Wing and when in the HELL is Indy Car coming back to Portland?

Mission Accomplished!

Although I won’t post my snazzy ‘Juan page letter written to ‘THE DAWG’s strict guidelines, but DAMN! What’s all this bright stuff outside here, eh? On my way to the nearest mailbox, as I think they call it the Sun? Must be something wrong though, as it’s NOT supposed to be sunny here…