Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pickem-Up Trucks to outshine other Daytona races?

Whale the outpouring of DISGUST over the ABOMINATION in the Open Wheel Racing ‘Vurld, a.k.a. NO FENDERS!!! Has potentially driven your Humble Scribe to scribble ‘bout another type ‘O racin’ sweepin’ duh Nation and hence I gives uze some Roundy-round Fenderland coverage instead…

As it certainly seems that the Camping World RASSCAR Trucks race is getting the least amount of media attention this weekend, although I think it’ll be the Best Show by far of the weekend at DayToner. As DON’T tell anyone but I actually watched a bit ‘O practice on duh Telescreen and was amused to here the announcers admit they’d gone a whole 26mins WITHOUT mentioning you-know-who!

I mean how can you go wrong with the cast ‘O characters they’ve got racin’ Even if it DON’T involve what’s-her-name DannaCar! As apparently the only female is some lady named Jennifer Jo Cobb.

But just check out some of these participating drivers handles: Schrubb, The Onion, The Sherriff, the GOAT and ‘MAD MAX, (the OTHER Max, as in Massimiliano…) as those are just the few I know of… Yeah, way too much knowledge upon those fendered Pickem-Up Truckes, eh?

But they’ll have a little of everything, with the Mark Martin crowd consisting of Ron Hornaday Jr. and Mike Skinner, while former Champions Ted “Muskrat Luv” Musgrave and Johnny Benson return to action, as Musgrave sat out last year while Benson returns from a fiery accident last season, with Musgrave piloting the Hope for Haiti Pickem-Up Truck.

Then there’s the not so traditional runners consisting of ex-Supercross Star Ricky Carmichael and some ex-F1 Boy named Nielsen Ho, Err Nelson “Pickett” (Piquet) Junior, no relation to Wilson apparently… As I haven’t come up with anything catchy for the Brazilian other then BASH, The Wicked Nielsen Ho, or perhaps Bam-Bam?

Another outsider tryin’ to cast his lot with the Fenders crowd is Max Papis, who very boldly claimed recently that he’s NOT in SpinCar for the Money… Err, excuse me while I cough-up a BULLSHIT furball… As in really Massimiliano? You’re not in it for the money? Then what are you doin’ pimpin’ the HELL outta yourself for that Gecko sponsor of yours, eh? (But Hey! I like MAD MAX and hope he succeeds…)

Then there’s the local connection, as two Northwest talents are slated to compete: Tayler Malsam and Derrike Cope, the unlikely 1990 Daytona 500 winner when Ironhead Sr. hit a Seagull! As Malsam must be a potential rising star having been signed to drive for none other then Kyle Busch’s start-up effort after having driven for Randy Moss Motorsports last year...

So I’ll be rootin’ for Trey Amigos of Malsam, Carmichael ‘N Picket Junior to run up front, although I suspect it’ll be ‘Juan of the Usual Suspects in the winners circle, as Y’all can tune-in Friday night (5PM PACIFIC) on SPEED to watch the big Pickem-Up Festiva of running round those Highbanks of Daytona, where they were picking up an extra 9mph in the Draft during yesterday’s practice…