Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indy Car’s newest racer unveiled

Spirit of America

Swamp Rat 30

Delta Wing Indy Car concept



As I totally agree with THE ‘DAWG, as in this is a totally UGLY Racecar and looks to me like its more suited for someplace called Bonneville instead of.. Uhm? I don’t know, what’s ‘Dat place called? Oh yeah, I think it’s known as the Brickyard…

And this is what ALL of duh FREAKIN’ Secrecy was over??? WTF! I woulda kept it secret too, as I think it’s a total DUD! As I’ll take any of the Swift or Dallara concepts, since I haven’t seen any Lola Spy-pics…

Then again, is this just another Red Herring in order to make us wanna stick with the tried ‘N true Indy Cars? And I still DON’T get it… why can’t we have more than one competing chassis/engine package, eh?

UPDATESo le internets is awash with commentary upon the much ballyhooed unveiling of the Delta Wing Indy Car concept, which I’ve already noted my distaste for above.

Thus Oil Pressure’s story about the Junk formula seems well timed… While Pop Off valve has a most enlightening piece out, while I await The ‘G-Mann’s (16th and Georgetown) opinion, not to mention whether or not Mr. Earle, nee Jeffie of My Name is IRL will weigh in upon the matter…

Revolution Calling: Delta wing stirs controversy

The Junk formula

And I DON’T wanna say the Fans DESPISE IT – BUTT! The absolute hideousness of the Delta Wing unveiling even got the wrath of long unheard Kuhnaidiun scribe Meesh’s attention, who so bluntly penned the following title,

Nuff Said, eh?


  1. Curt Cavin of the Indianapolis Star( was asked about why there can't be multiple chassis manufacturers. He said that the reason is that the constructors can't make money supplying 1/2 to 1/3 of the field. Whether or not that is true or not is open for debate, but that seems to be the reason.

  2. The Delta THINGamajig is the ugliest race car (it’s not an Open Wheel car) ever conceived. The airplane tail is particularly hideous. The truly scary thing about the car are the owners behind it. They are not going to support IndyCar selecting Swift, they’ve got their money riding on the Delta THING. Open Wheel will not survive another war!

  3. I am very concerned about the sport that I love and have supported since early CART days. Because of the amount of money invested by the car owners in Delta THING, they are not going to accept any design concept proposed other than their own. It looks like another Open Wheel war is around the corner. If that's the case I'm done with IndyCar, because I refuse to watch that ugly THING on a track.