Thursday, February 18, 2010


Keith Wiggins reminded Curt Cavin during his interview that his Indy Car Racing Team had created a spot upon its Team’s website for Fan input on what they wanted to see for the future of Indy Cars, or simply tell them what your thoughts were upon the Delta Wing concept and its contemporaries… As in this is so novel! An Indy Car Race Team actually wanting to know its Fans opinions and giving them a place to do so at! So in the immortal ‘Vurds ‘O pressdog… Go There NOW! And drop ‘Wiggy a line or 43; preferably PG rated, eh? And I’d like to second pressdog’s sentiments as in if Y’all know of any other Indy Car (or other Open wheel) Race Teams doing such a thing let me know and I’ll give them a Shout-Out…

Wiggins wants to know…

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