Friday, February 12, 2010

Troxel slides past the Boys

Although The ‘DAWG may have previously scooped me on Melanie Troxel’s waxing of the Bo-Deenie Bobsled Challenge field recently held at Lake Placid, New York, I noticed pressdog didn’t mention listening to Melanie on the Speed Freaks, which I did before my FREAKIN’ internets link became permanently broken after 2yrs of listening, SHEISA! Why does everybody have to continuously “TWEAK” their websites to make them look more Bright ‘N Shinier, eh? QUIT moving the links around will Yuhs! But I digress…

As Melanie’s brief chat with duh Freaks was a decent interview, while it struck me that here’s one more driver searching for that elusive Sponsorship in hopes of landing a Full time ride in 2010… As you can listen to Troxel by clicking here.

Meanwhile no word on Dental Plan Dan “Spike” Wheldon who apparently was black ‘N blue after flipping his Two-man Bobsled during the Bodine Sled-fest, as I believe that both his hair ‘N teeth survived, although no word on whether or not any of his prized footwear was damaged?

And on a recent Autosport Radio show, Melanie’s main squeeze, a.k.a. tommy Johnston Jr. noted that his better half had now picked up In ‘N Out sponsorship, as in hamburger’s Y’all!