Monday, February 15, 2010

The DayToner 24?

So is the GURR-RRRR-REAT Americana Roundy-round race over yet??? As I noticed that they played the HELL outta some catchy commercials for their brand new start times… As I thought the 24hrs of Daytona was a Fortnight ago? I even took a nap and watched, Err listen to a whole slew ‘O Advertisements for the ongoing COMMERCIALYMPICS!!! Hmm? And they keep insisting that the Peacock will lose a cool $200m, which I DON’T quite follow… Guess I’d better go see if the DayToner 574 is still runnin? Hey, they could truck-in some pothole supplies via that Sikorsky Sky Crane helicopter they’ve been usin’ Up North Eh!

Occupying time during Boring Nascar races

Although its pretty funny to think that there’s a record number(?) of ex-Formula 1 Piloto’s taking part, (3) an ex-Indy 500 & IRL Champion along with an ex-Champ Car Rising Star, eh? And the only good thing I can say for the DayToner 649 is that it signals the return of Ye Windbag extraordinaire Dave Despain along with his sidekick, the Boy Wunderer Robin Miller…