Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And then there were 10 Formula 1 Teams

With the unveilings of Force India’s and Red Bull’s latest creations, which joined the F1 Circus today in a soggy Jerez, there are now 10 Formula 1 Constructors testing their 2010 Challengers in preparations for the fast approaching season… Which kicks off in Bahrain in a scant 30+ days! (March 14th)

Thus we’re now just awaiting the arrival of F1 New Boyz Campos Meta, Lotus and USF1, who’ve all yet failed to appear with completed chassis, as the much maligned Campos Meta Team seems to be the most questionable of the remaining trio.

Meanwhile the New Lotus concern has fired their “Cossie” lump recently, along with shaking down its Racecar at Silverstone prior to this Friday’s expected launch, with no word on USF1’s plans, while Campos financial future seems uncertain at the moment with the rogue Stefan GP waiting in the wings.

Meanwhile the FIA has announced a statement over the misleading quotes upon Teams being allowed to miss up to 3-Grand Prix’s, which contrary to Jean Todt’s recent claims is VERBOTTEN!

Teams obliged to participate in every race says FIA