Thursday, February 11, 2010

RUMOUR: Campos leaving F1, USF1 next on block?

It’s always somewhat entertaining when you read your story somewhere else on le internets after you’ve scribbled it… Which is exactly what happened after I speculated over Bruno Senna’s current plight as a Gran Primo Piloto…

As there are now rumours percolating that Adrian Campos has been forced to leave his floundering Formula 1 Team, with none other then Uncle Bernaughty scooping in along with Co-Owner Jose Ramon Carabante to takeover the Spaniard’s outfit, even going so boldly to predict it’ll become Volkswagen in 2011. Hmm? So long to those thoughts of VW in Open Wheel Racing stateside, eh? Although it would seem more logical for VolkswagenAG’s SEAT subsidiary on the Spanish Racecar’s flanks, while this would be great news for Senna, who the squad claims will honour his current contract.

The rub is now that the rogue Serbian Stefan GP outfit that reputedly Emperor Bernardo has his greasy mitts on will need to target admittance to this year’s fast approaching Formula 1 season by acquiring the American outfits grid slot; Aye Karumba! As perhaps this is part of the hold-up over Adrian Vales announcement, eh?

And by the way I forgot to mention The Glen’s, as in Watkins Glen CEO pinin’ for Bob Varsha’s Mate to come ‘N test his Racecar for “FREE!” Anytime at the fabulous road course during SPEED’s Rolex 24 coverage, although Barber Motorsports Park is supposedly the preferred venue…

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