Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy Delta wings Batman

Today the mysterious Delta Wing Indy Car will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto show, where we’ll finally see if it really does give you wings? Or will it become the Indy Racing Leagues albatross? As I’m starting to wonder if this is solely an PR exercise in order to force Dallara and possibly others to step up to the plate with a new Racecar…

Yet I’ve been poondin’ meeze nucels Bloody on other masterpieces and haven’t really been following the various Spy-pics being leaked by the various major specialty Single Seater Chassis manufacturers, i.e.; Dallara, Lola and Swift.

As I can’t tell Yuhs anythings ‘bout the mysterious Delta Wing project ‘cause uze knows the drill… I’ve been sworn to secrecy as parta ‘Duh Double Secret-Secret Probation we here at No Fenders were placed upon after inquiring for more info from IndyCar Curmudgeon Robin Miller… whose NOT to be Cornfuzed with the Boy Wunderer, eh?

So today in the Windy City around Noonish time, Hmm? A perfect place to debut said mysterious Delta Wing project, rollout will occur, as I certainly hope it really AIN’T NO Buck Rogers Space machine, even if the current Crapwagon needs updating, eh?

And although I’m touched to have received the said ‘Monster Swift Press Release, plus the Lola Cars PR blurb in the No Fenders mailbox, as hey! It AIN’T everyday Y’all get emails from Swift ‘N Lola, eh?

Nevertheless, since my Compadres in the IRL Blogosphere have already done the heavy lifting (and I can’t seem to figure out how to open the Swift PDF: PRETTY DAMN FAT? Attachment) I’ll defer you to their stories instead…

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