Tuesday, February 9, 2010

F1: 2010 launch - Virgin

(Virgin VR01; Source: Joe Saward’s Gran Prix blog)

Last Saturday, while you’re esteemed No Fenders Scribe was caught-up in DannaCar-land euphoria… Let ‘Dat sink in a wee bit, eh? Across the Pond clever ‘Vurd Botcherer’s were noting sightigs of Virgins at Silverstone… Nah, Twasn’t NO Virgin Mary, nore Duh Sisters Georges ‘N Mother Mary… Uze knows, this years featured act on duhs Tastes-em Greatz, Lesser filling Fast Friday Speedway concert… Err, actually it was 2010 ‘Newby Formula 1 Constructor Virgin Racing shaking down its brand new Racecar: ‘Shaken not Stirred! Having skipped the traditional countless hours of Wind Tunnel modeling comparisons in order to be the very first New Team to rollout their first Racecar.

As I’ll be very interested to see how Nick Wirth’s latest 100% Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) F1 chassis performs this season, as Wirth has eschewed time honored traditions and instead solely designed his “Clean Sheet” (insert BAD Virgin jokes here?) VR01 Racecar 100% digitally… as Timo Glock had the honours of driving the new model first on a typical British winter day at the cosmetically altered Silverstone circuit, before new boy Lucas Di Grassi took over the following day in better weather, as the Team will now join the Formula One circus at Jerez for Round 2 of testing this week.

And lets remember that Wirth Research used the same method to create last year’s very impressive Acura ARC-01 LMP1 Racecar used by De Ferran Motorsports & Highcroft Racing in the American Le Mans Series, so the theory does appear to work…

2010 Car launch: Virgin VR01

VR01 in pictures