Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paging Peter Windsor - Paging Peter Windsor…

Mr. Pete Windsor the Formula 1 Circus is waiting for you… Please pick up a white courtesy phone and dial your party’s extension… There’s a Mr. Tomaso for you on line-4 and an Uncle Bernaughty for you on line-1!

Once again Paging Mr. Pete Windsor, please pick-up the nearest white courtesy phone and dial your awaiting parties extensions...


As I’ve been somewhat loathe to scribble about this, having first seen news towards the immanent demise of the House ‘O Windsor’s All Americana Formula 1 Team, better known as USF1 late Wednesday evening… When it was first reported that a tearful Mr. Windsor told Jose Maria Lopez that USF1 was on life support and would most likely not make the F1 Grid this season…

And while the stories continue to grow from numerous sources who I perceive as reputable, nevertheless I’ve been sitting on the story while holding out on hope of all hopes that this isn’t true, even trying to contact the Team with no success.

Rumours continue to swirl over the impending demise of USF1, claiming that the Team’s major financial backer Chad Hurley, of Youtube fame has left the project in disgust, along with Lopez having gone off to London to talk to no less then Bernard Ecclestone about resurrecting his hoped for Grand Prix career, potentially landing at the reconstituted Campos Meta 1 Team now instead?

This along with reports that the Squad’s Charlotte HQ building is up for sale, the Team has NO completed racecar and has cancelled mandatory FIA crash testing in England, all seem to imply that its increasingly likely that the Team will indeed NOT be on the grid in Bahrain in just 3-weeks time, while Stefan GP waits in the wings, now with whispers that some Kuh-Nuck named Jacques Villeneuve could be in the frame?

Here’s the story that triggered the Firestorm of reporting that USF1’s Dreams of making it in F1 will be stillborn…

Sponsorship Woes Threaten Future of U.S. Formula 1 Team

Yet apparently in full Damage Control mode, reportedly either very late last night or early this morning, Ken Anderson finally broke the deafening silence concerning the matter… As apparently in an article published in the New York Times, which must be buried rather well, since I cannot locate it! Ken publicly revealed that indeed USF1 will NOT be on the grid at the Formula One’s season opening round in Bahrain.

Anderson says USF1 to miss Bahrain, team’s future in hands of FIA

Yet Anderson’s claims that the Team wishes to miss the first four races and that its fate is simply in the hands of the FIA, doesn’t bode well for the Team, since I don’t see how the WMSC can open itself up to such a can of worms, having just clarified that ALL Teams MUST compete in ALL Grand Prix’s or face immanent sanctions, or even total exclusion…

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