Friday, February 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Delta Wing Update Kit revealed!

(Photo courtesy of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing)

Apparently the entire furor over the perceived looks of the Delta Wing Project’s much discussed views upon its styling cues tipped the scales when Indy Carr league officials learned that NO less then their Number 1 media darling had weighed-in on the matter… As Danica Patrick was heard saying: “ARE YOU KIDDING?” When recently having seen the initial Delta Wing images…

Thus, with much poking ‘N prodding… OUCH! Exclaimed the Cheepster, still harbouring some broken ribs… He asked Master Designer Ben (Bowlby) to see if he could come up with some sort of update kit to his latest creation that would possibly be a little more palatable to those angry 40yr olds scribbling ‘bout his pet project on their Confuzers…

Bowlby says that the major shift of philosophy should make ALL of the Open Wheel critics happy, as it’s now got four Open Wheels along with lots of sponsorship space and plenty of rear Downforce… Not to mention UV protection and should really stick on the leagues Short tracks, although he encouraged his Boss to stay away from taking it for a spin until he’s fully recovered…

While NO word on whether Chip and partner Felix will insist upon Juan ‘N Jamie’s contracts being modified to prohibit riding on top of? While Bowlby claims that rear decklid should also protect Dario in case of any Blow-over’s in the future!

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