Thursday, February 18, 2010

BarneSpeak: Fanbase Building 101

“Our success and whether we’re going to stay in business, in all motorsports, is determined by that 10-year old kid. It’s not going to be determined by the 40-year old looking at the computer.”
John Barnes, Panther Racing co-owner
(Source: My Name is

There is so much WRONG with this statement that I do NOT even know where to begin and hence I’ll wait for another day to scribble my thoughts upon the sheer STUPIDITY of this statement!

Psst! Mr. Barnes, perhaps you’d like to talk to one of your contemporaries, a way further Progressive Team Owner named Keith Wiggins on Fan interaction, eh?

Here's your Sign!

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  1. I was really excited about selecting a new chassis, now I just feel ill. I’m very concerned the owners will make an ultimatum to IndyCar that it’s this piece of crap or no racing. If that's the case, RIP IndyCar.

    Please don't destroy 100 years of history and the identity of IndyCar. Please come to your senses!