Monday, February 1, 2010

Virtual Campaign to help Vision Racing

Ladies ‘N Germs, I’ve just received a note at the No Fenders mailbox asking for assistance in the ongoing letter campaign supporting Vision Racing, as apparently PR Goddess Pat Caporali sez they’ve received 153 letters as of today from around the Globe… As I thought I’d NEVER EVER DO THIS BUTT!

If you’re so inclined? Then please write a short letter or drop a line to Vision Racing in order to help Pat, Ed and the resta the fine folks under Tony’s thumb; even aspiring IndyCar Driver James Davidson of daughter Lauren’s Indy Lights concern. As lets see if we can break the number 500 for letters… Y’all know like in I500, eh?

You can get more info by checking out 16th & Georgetowns story: Just a Short Note.

So C’mon, do it for Pats sake!

Interview with Pat Caporali