Monday, February 1, 2010

Virtual Unknowns upset Big Dawgs at Daytona

So that was a bit Krazy… As I DON’T even get up at 4AM for a Freakin’ Formula 1 race, nevertheless I awoke bright ‘N early in order to watch the remaining 8+ hours of live SPEED TV Rolex 24 coverage… And I’ll admit that I burst out clapping when suddenly Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson swerved unexpectedly into the Ganassi Garage… NOT because of wanting any ill will towards Justin, as I was torn between his car winning vs. the unknown Action Express Racing No. 9. NOPE! I simply wanted to see the “Other” Scot Ryan Dalziel be victorious, as I think he’s never been given a fair shot in Champ Car/IndyCar and definitely has plenty ‘O speed!

Not to mention an UN-Sponsored Racecar vs. the mighty TelMex ‘Cheepster affair. C’mon Number Nine; GO No. 9! You can do it!

So I burst into glee when Justin Wilson made his most unusual drive towards the CGRFS Garages…

And I have to say I was a little disappointed by ‘Scooter’s (Scott Pruett) zinger about ‘Juan little miscue costing him the victory, which reminded me of Dario REO Speedwagon Franchitti unloading on his Indy Car crew last year before winning the title… But I think it was just a way of showing how much these guys wanna win every time outta the box.

Although I DON’T think Justin did one DAMN thing wrong! I mean if he thought something Done Blown-up, then how can you question his decision, eh? As ‘Hobbo (David Hobbs) noted earlier how Wilson was between a rock and a hard place…Saying he doesn’t wanna throw it off the Island – but he also wants to make a statement, in case a future ride becomes available, eh?

So I think Justin along with the other drivers did a most commendable job. As besides, ‘Cheep’s won the wristwatch three years in a row!

And how ‘bout the speedsource Mazda RX8? As it was nice to see another current Atlantics standout, nee Jonathan Bomarito grab his first Rolex timepiece, as you may recall this is the same Team that another Up ‘N Comer named ‘RAFA (Rafael Matos) was victorius for two years ago. Although it appears that the younger Bomarito is effectively pushing the elder Nick Ham Out to pasture, having been given the Full season drive… To which earned SPEED Pit Reporter Justin Bell the quip ‘Cheeky Monkey during the victory lane Post-race interview when he asked Ham if it was his last drive?

Unheralded team, Action Express, wins Daytona 24