Monday, May 31, 2010

Will the REAL Third place I500 finisher please Stand-up?

So AIN’T it funny how the “REAL” Media was in just such an Oh My Goodness lather, tripping over itself in the Goldrush to chat-up Princess ‘DannaWho’s big fifth place finish at The Speedway yesterday... As ABC had Jamie Little give Danica considerable “Facetime” immediately afterwards... Even in the aftermath of Marco Andretti pointedly stating that he didn’t know what was going on as everybody was passing him under the Yellow flag after Mike Conway’s incident!

And was it my imagination... Or did ABC SNUB the original third place finisher Alex Lloyd? As in that has to be one of Dale Coyne’s better finishes at the Brickyard, eh? Even if who pressdog coined as the Iron Hand ‘O Justice, nee Brian BraveHeart (Barnhart) correctly revised the final race placing’s with Marco Andretti third, Lloyd fourth, Scott Dixon fifth and Dania “My Team’s Great!” P. demoted to sixth...

Marco Andretti awarded third place after review