Friday, May 21, 2010

Curry flavoured ‘Truckin

NO! I'll skip the jokes 'bout Tastes like Chicken!

WTF? As I was settin’ up the ‘Ol Memorex recordin’ device this morning, the soothing high pitched screechiness of Mikey “Aw Shucks” Waltrip’s voice could be heard dronin’ on ‘bout the RASSCAR Pickem-Up Trucks poundin’ round Charlotte in what appeared to be live Practice coverage on SPEED... Thus it was totally by accident that I “lucked” into an interview with ex-Formula 1 Indian Driver Narain Karthikeyan, WHAT THE HELL? As the wide eyed Indian was telling his interviewer that they were currently puttin’ a new lump in his Truck... As apparently I’ve missed the Memo upon Karthikeyan’s crossover to Pickem-Up racing.

Narain Karthikeyan is growing NASCAR fans in India

Thus, there’ll now be two unemployed Formula 1 Piloto’s in this weekend’s Camping World Thunder from North Carolina, as Karthikeyan
Will be joined by Nelson “Pickett” Junior, a.k.a. NielsonHo Piquet Jnr. Who’s probably reveling in the news that Italian Police have seized the HMS Briatore, Err Force Blue, the luxury liner owned by his ex-Renault F1 Boss Flavour Flav at sea off La Spezia, Italy, as Briatore is being investigated for Tax Evasion and Smuggling...

Flavio Briatore's boat seized