Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tracy’s Day job

Although I’m NOT a fan of RACER magazine and cancelled my subscription after it’s writer Jeff Olsen BLASTED the Bloggaratzi back in 2008, by claiming that us ‘Vurd Botcherer’s are just a bunch ‘O knucel poondin’ hacks; See Beauty ‘N the Beast...

Nevertheless, that veritable Flamethrower ‘O Barbed comments, colourful sound bites, outspoken and never shy to speak his mind, affectionately known as the Thrill from the West Hill or Mr. Chrome Horn, nee Paul Tracy is once again going “live” via, which claims that PT is actually going Digital in this 12pg spread.

Paul Tracy and RACER go Digital
Not to mention as per last May, Tracy will be penning his thoughts in his RACER Blog, of which I’m certain that Meesh is reading each ‘N every word of daily, right? Which you can peruse by visiting,

Paul Tracy’s Indy blog