Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did Rubens hit Drain cover in Monaco?

Rubens Barrichello (DNF, Accident):
"What happened today was a real surprise. I had such a good start but the car started to feel really strange after the pitstop. The steering wheel, in particular, didn't feel normal. The problem continued to get worse and then I crashed. We now have to investigate the car to find out what the problem was."
(Source: grandprix.com)

Yesterday I scribbled ‘bout Rubino, a.k.a Rubens Barrichello uncharacteristic steering wheel toss during the Monaco Grand Prix... Which I’ve since read is worth more like $50,000 then the paltry $10k mentioned during the Broadcast. As I’ve also read that Rubens was simply throwing it away in his mad scramble to get out of the cockpit as his Williams FW32 was apparently on fire...

Now Adam Cooper has an interesting angle upon the incident on his F1 Blog which seems to give pretty good insight into the suspected cause of Barrichello’s accident, as apparently he managed to pull up a loose drain cover whilst trying to “Shave” the Armco barriers around the Principality... So you might want to check it out...

Did loose drain cover contribute to Barrichello’s crash?