Sunday, May 23, 2010


That Versus or ABC/ESPN CANNOT say a single Disparaging word towards Princess Perma Pout; it’s NOT my fault that I didn’t take the garbage out; it’s NOT my fault that TK crashed NOT one but two Racecar’s in almost the exactly same spot; it’s NOT my fault that I forgot to pay the rent; it’s NOT my fault that Bruno Junqueira qualified FASTER then Danica Patrick in a car that he’d only practiced six laps in... It’s NOT my fault that I was going 43mph over the speed limit, honest Ossifer! (Just ask Takuma Sato ‘bout that...) Nor is it MY fault that I didn’t let the dog out; it’s NOT my fault that I didn’t put any gasoline in the car; it’s NOT my fault that Ed Carpenter ‘N Hideki Mutoh made the Top 9 Shootout; it’s NOT my fault that you’re still reading this silly rant about how CHILDISH ‘DannaWho acted yesterday, whilst it’s NOT my fault that Princess Sparkle Pony has been drinkin’ the RASSCAR Koolaid and subscribing to the ‘Lil Ironhead School ‘O Philosophy, or that ‘DannaCar goes to bed every night with ‘Ol DW tellin’ her she’s the Greatest... And it’s certainly NOT my fault that Dan-Dan-Danicker decided to throw her Andretti Autosport Team “Under the Bus” during yesterday’s qualifying...

As I only wunder why it took so long for everybody to finally BOO her!

Meanwhile another Female who’s got nothing but style, grace ‘N class went quietly about her business of qualifying her Racecar, the oldest steed on the grid, a.k.a. Old Faithful, as Sarah Fisher just posted her fastest lap of the Month of May. So like ALWAYS, I’ll be rootin’ for the No. 67 Dollar General car next Sunday... Whale actually for about 30 cars besides You-know-who!