Saturday, May 29, 2010

USGP: More Austin F1 Teasers

So Friday night on SPEED’s F1 Debrief, Bob Varsha interviewed Full Throttle Production’s “Front man” Tavo Hellmund, who I can say really didn’t divulge anything of significance... Although I have to say that at least he doesn’t seem to be as pompous as Simon Gillett was, as you may recall that Gillett was the man behind the failed Donnington Park F1 bid!

And I enjoyed hearing Hellmund call Herman tilke “Tilkie.” Saying that Tilkie ‘N The Boyz were gonna hopefully design a track with 90% of his wish list and that he’d hope it’d make the Drivers say they’ve gotta put their “Big Boyz” pants on when they enter the gates...

Tilke Designing $200m Austin Track

Meanwhile on Thursday it was revealed that the project is somewhat more down the Pipeline then divulged, with an apparent site having been chosen and Uncle Bernaughty’s Proprietary Track Designer Herman Tilke’s services having been rendered...

Track site, engineers secured, F1 group says
Yet from the BloggaRatzi’s resident Curmudgeon; Hmm? AIn’T ‘DAT ‘Ol Robin Miller’s title? Marc of the other full Throttle has poonded outs theeze following wurds ‘O wisedom... (OOPS! Meeze nucel’s gotz in duhs ways...)

Austin Grand Prix: “We’ve got the Funding”

As it seems that Messer Hellmund will be hard pressed to build the purpose built circuit to Uncle Bernaughty’s opulent standards for a mere $200m, unless this is do to the current economic plight and Texas’s Pro-Business stature, eh? As after all, the Chinese Government reputedly spent $300m some seven years ago in order to build the most expensive racetrack, the Shanghai International Circuit in order to host a round of the Formula One Circus beginning in 2004.

Yet if Tilke could incorporate The Parabolica, Eau Rouge and what has been nicknamed the “Diabolica,” the signature four apex corner of Turkey’s Istanbul Autodrome, then we’d have a “Cracking” circuit!

So it’ll be interesting to see if Mr. Hellmund ‘N Associates truly pull this major undertaking off which I sincerely hope they do for the sake of Formula 1’s credibility Stateside, eh?