Sunday, May 30, 2010

INDY 500: FAZZT Race Team Feel Good MoJo continues

2010 INDY 500 Starting Grid

This Upstart Indy Car Racing Team from Up North Eh! Just keeps on impressing... Thus I dually hope that they have a most impressive race outing today at The Speedway, as GASP! I’d even rejoice in TAG’s anointed teammate GULP! Winning the Indy 500! And would be willing to overlook “My Baggage” with the crooked nose Brazilian...

Yet again as a Visually Impaired ‘Vurd Botcherer... I swear it appeared that Bruno Junqueira took a plain white “Wrapper” Dallara/Honda IndyCar onto the Brickyard when he made his amazing qualifying blast Sunday morning... As his No. 33 looked to be devoid of sponsorship decals and hence the new nickname of “Ice-Ice, Baby!” In dereference to his Vanilla white racecar... So I find it somewhat amusing that he’s now got a yellow racecar that will sport Jay Howard’s primary sponsor Service Central as his new Associate sponsor. Not to mention that he’ll have another past Tagliani association in his ear come Sunday, as the crafty Derrick Walker will be Bruno’s Team Strategist...

(Indy 500 Carb Day Quotes from FAZZT Race Team)
Derrick Walker:
"First impressions, I'm very impressed. The car is obviously good and it's great to be working with Bruno and back with Rob (Edwards) and Alex again as well. I think it's going to be a fun race. The Indianapolis 500 is just a great race and always different and a very special race to be involved in and even more special to win."

Bruno Junqueira:
"43 laps, I think I'm getting the groove of it now. It was good to be back in the car and be able to practice and do long runs. I think we improved the car a little bit for race set-up. I started out today with a little too much understeer but we made it better and I'm quite happy. I have to thank Derrick Walker for coming in to help and the FAZZT Race Team for their help as well. I think we're going to have a good race car and it's just going to be very difficult to pass especially from where I'm starting. We need to be very patient but that is ok because we have a fast car."
And I’m guessing he’d rather not talk about it... As Phillip B Wilson who’s quite the “Stand-up Comedian” has just penned another article for The Star about Indy Racing League Crew Member Carey Hall, who’s been diagnose with Lou Gehrig’s disease; SHEISA!

Crew member stays positive as he fights ALS
As Carey has courageously decided to continue on his Crewing Duties this Sunday and will be Bruno’s Fueler, after originally being slated to be Jay Howard’s Fuel man on the No. 66 Sarah Fisher racing mount.

But Hey! DON’T forget about ‘TAG, who’d obviously like to have his KuhNaidiun Mug inserted upon the Borg Warner Trophy and break the BIG 3 Stranglehold upon the Indy 500 winner’s laurels, eh? As only Rahal Letterman Racing in 2004 has won the race besides Chip Ganassi, (2000, ’08) Roger Penske (2001-03, ’06, ’09) and Mikey Andretti (2005, ’07) during the past 10yrs...

Alex Tagliani:"I'm just very happy again today. The car is good in traffic and I think we have a very competitive car. My goal today was to make sure the car was consistent through the long runs and so far, mission accomplished. We just have 500 miles to go and if we can be there at the end I think we can contend for the win."

So Good Luck Alex, Bruno ‘N FAZZT!