Friday, May 21, 2010

Tagliani ‘N Tracy: Oh Brother!

NO! They haven’t resumed there now infamous San Jose Dust-up... Actually its just the opposite, as the two “KuhNuck’s” are forming a North of the Border Alliance which sees Alex Tagliani and Paul Tracy joining forces to promote their upcoming home race at Edmonton later this summer in the just announced (Team) Oh Canada promotion, which will see both ‘TAG ‘N PT’s Racecar’s carry Honda Indy Edmonton decals beginning at Indianapolis and following up to the second and final Canadian Indy Car race on July 25th. You can read the long winded Press Release here:

Tagliani and Tracy join forces for Team Oh Canada

In other Kuhnaidiun News, Thursday’s USA Today ran a story about Mr. Chrome Horn being reunited with Barry Green for this Month ‘O May’s festivities at The Speedway, as the duo reportedly still have some unfinished business to take care of, eh? Hmm? Is it 2002 again? Oh Never Mind...

Indianapolis 500 dream reunites Paul Tracy with Barry Green

Look for both Tracy & Tagliani to potentially spoil the Big 3’s Top 9 Pole Shootout tomorrow... Whale, it could happen, eh?