Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back from Sweden

Whale that certainly was a fun trip, as your Humble Scribe has sadly returned from the Land of Blondes; (Pressdog!) Hya-hya-hya! A.k.a. Sweden; Ya-Sure-Yuh-Betcha...

Ok, so I’m mixing my metaphor’s here, eh? As that’s actually a knotso clever takeoff of an Old Favourite Northwest Brew named Ballard Bitter, a Semi Nordic area of Seattle...

Anyway’s I’m back and now have to clear my head of the Dreaded ‘JET RAGG! Not to mention trying to play Ketsup on Ze ‘Vurld der Motersporten; Ja-Ja! As I have absolutely NO idea who won the Spanish GP... Whale actually I do; SHEISA! But hopefully it’s all awaitin’ Meeze on le Memorex, eh? As tomorrow I’ll try watching both the GP2 ‘N Monaco GP before then trying to watch the Spanish GP Practice, Qualifying and Race coverage, not to mention trying to find out what’s going on at someplace on 16th & Georgetown, nee The Speedway... CRIKEYS! Makes me tired just writing ‘bout it... And that’s before even trying to scribble some very entertaining trip notes; Hya!

Off to watch today’s Monn Nocquoe “Qualie” session, Heydo!

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