Saturday, May 22, 2010


So I actually broke down ‘N tuned into the Versus Fast Friday coverage which was interrupted multiple times by some WET stuff... As there really weren’t any shockers, other then ‘TAG and NOT TAGS (Tagliani) continues to impress with another stout running to third place at 226.153mph.

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, is Sarah Fisher, who was NONE too happy with her lowly 34th place upon the speed charts with a lap of 222.533mph. Although it always amuses me how in the HELL 222mph is SLOW, eh? While teammate Jay Howard ended the day in P29 at 224.017mph.

Nevertheless, the SFR Crew is scratching their collective Heads over The Bosses perceived lack of speed... to which all I can say is it seems somewhat obvious to me, as I actually got Don Kay of Autosport Radio to ask this past Tuesday nights guest Jay “Funnyman” Howard a few questions upon this. As Jay replied that both he and Sarah had one Old and one New Dallara chassis apiece and that Sarah was in what she’s calling “Old Faithful.” This would inturn be the 2003-spec Dallara chassis which I recall is the oldest chassis on the grid...

Thus I’d hazard to guess it’s got a number of shortcomings, albeit I’m NOT trying to imply there’s anything wrong with the Dallara’s. Just that it’s probably the heaviest car on the grid, not to mention possibly being the most used? Or at least the oldest which would imply the most stressed or flexible chassis on the grid...

Although Howard was unwilling to comment upon my question about the mysterious SFR “Cracked Tub” chassis that Graham Rahal complained about; just saying I don’t know anything ‘bout that... I just worry about my own car. To which I’d assume is of a newer age, although I don’t know if it’s the same car that he crashed at Kansas?

Another thought is perhaps with a 2003 Racecar and SFR’s apparent “Shoestring” budget, this car is totally obsolete when it comes to development bits? As I’d assume it doesn’t have the “Trick” third damper that Penske was accused of having an “Unfair Advantage” with a few races ago... To which all I can say is this is old news to me, since I seem to recall Penske doing the same thing back in the CART/Champ Car Days...

So why all this conjecture over Sarah Fisher Racing Cars? Whale simply because we wanna see her make this year’s I500 field and you’ve always gotta root for the Minnowesqe Teams, right? So good luck this weekend Sarah & Jay!

OH MY GAWD! Just noticed that even the Wanderin’ Milka (Duno) was faster then Sarah, as Milka-licious was P33 with a speed of 223.344mph; Aye Karumba! Then again I DON’T expect ‘BIA, nee Ana Beatriz to be on the outside looking in come Sunday.

Yet, DON’T be overly shocked if Danny B’s favourite Female Driver Milka-licious doesn’t make the cut for Indy this year... As perhaps even Sarah Fisher will miss out? And I’d expect Rookie “S-Squared” (Sebastian Saavedra) to miss the cut as there’ll potentially be four Drivers going home this month when ‘TAG’s Wingman Bruno Junqueira blasts his way into the field on Sunday. Not to mention how the unexpectedly warm weather will impact Drivers/Teams the next two days, eh?

Shorter schedule and new format for Indy 500 qualifying
Wouldn’t it be Scandalous if Princess Perma Pout, nee ‘DannaWho actually got BUMPED outta the field...

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