Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Monaco Madness

Otay, perhaps I’m giving this way too much attention, eh? Especially now with the “Shock” news over Austin, Texas landing the USGP beginning in 2012... But I do find it amusing how much controversy Rubens Barrichello ‘N former Scuderia Sparring Partner Herr Schumacher caused during the somewhat Anticlimactic Monaco GP, albeit four Safety Cars and a loose Drain cover kept it entertaining, not to mention the NOT-So ‘Scrumptious ‘Juan, nee Jarno Trulli’s Brain fade in the races closing laps, which in turn provided the setting for DER TERMINATOR (M. Schumacher) to pounce upon Bosom Buddy Fred Alonso...

Karun Chandhok: “I ducked and it went over my head…”

Thus here’s two entertaining pieces from James Allen, one upon the current iteration of F1 Steering apparatus, along with his latest Technical insights.

Secrets of an F1 Steering wheel

James Allen: F1 Tech - Monaco