Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mansell ‘N Schuey?

Whilst there seemingly is great furor over the current Duno Factor debate in Indy Cars,
It’s pretty entertaining how much conjecture is being made over a one Messer Michael Schumacher’s apparent lack of pace upon his return to Formula 1 after a 3yr Sabbatical... HELL! After all he’s the sport’s ONLY Seven Times World Champion...

Yet after I’m certain that a much younger Nico Rosberg had signed on the dotted line for what he inherently thought would be “His Team,” apparently Ross Brawn, Norbert Haag ‘N Co. lured DER TERMINATOR back into the fold... As Michael has apparently been itching to return to The Pinnacle of Motorsport and finally found the right “Deal” after having had his Scuderia Dreams Scuttled by his injured neck from some “Scooter” accident, previously suffered while trying to keep himself occupied.

Ironically, Michael is trying to make his F1 comeback at the age of 41yrs old, and while I’m certainly NOT trying to make ANY comparisons to ‘Il Lione or ‘BLOODY NIGE! Nee Nigel Mansell... It was Fifteen years ago that the 41yr old (coincidence?) Briton had his last gasp in Formula One, making a very disheartening final two starts for McLaren... Before walking away from the sport, claiming the MP4-10 Mercedes Benz wasn’t any good... While many including myself spent years making fun of ‘Ol Nige’s backsides being Too large... As originally Mansell couldn’t fit the McLaren’s too narrow cockpit and thus Mark Blundell substituted for Nige in the season’s first two races before replacing Nigel for good at the Monaco GP.

Yet ‘Ol Black Jack, nee Sir Jack Brabham won his final Grand Prix in South Africa in 1970 at the tender age of 44, which most likely will never be duplicated, making Sir Jack the oldest F1 Post-war winner...

And while Michael Schumacher has been outscored 4-0 in the ever important intrateam competition, as in Rosberg has both Out qualified & Raced him 4-0 to date and is second in the Drivers Title fight with 50 points vs. Schuey’s 10... Are we simply getting ahead of our self’s here? As in Michael’s been out of racing for 3yrs which is an eternity in F1 standards and thus the sports never ending Technology advances have simply passed him by... While not to mention, who’d have ever thought the German would become the sport’s Elder Statesman? As much of his opposition is half as old as Michael, who may now simply be worried about his Family life more then making the ultimate sacrifice, eh?

But once again, its only four races into the long F1 season and I’d expect to see Michael improve at Barcelona, where I’d assume the entire field is hoping to have a straight-up, dry weather fight and thus see where the chips fall? Not to mention that many, including Mercedes GP have been claiming to have updates coming for Spain...

So do you think Schumacher will see out his three year contract or simply walk away in disappointment?

Schumacher admits to lack of Intermediate tyre knowledge

As typical, after penning this elaborate story, Mercedes GP admitted that they would be making significant upgrades to their W01 chassis “Just-in-time” for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix; including major Aerodynamic improvements and a “Stretched” wheelbase to improve weight distribution. Also Michael Schumacher will revert back to the Test chassis with modified wheelbase to hopefully help his performance...

Mercedes ready with major upgrade for Spain