Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Texas eyes focus upon 2012 USGP!

DAMN YOU ‘DAWG! Although I did read Grizzled F1 Journo Joe Saward’s Grand Prix Blog this morning, nevertheless I didn’t peruse it later in the day when the BIG news broke about Austin, Texas having been awarded the USGP beginning in 2012 for 10yrs running thru 2021... As this is just shocking to Mwah! As I’d never even considered Texas alone, or especially Austin as the future sight of a purpose built Formula 1 Racetrack; Aye Karumba!

Having been to Austin now just over two years ago, I’m certainly curious where this track will be built? Along with what the race date will be, as it was BLOODY warm when I went in mid-March, so I cannot imagine the temperature if it coincides with the Canadian GP? Which is slated for June 13th this year, as Y’all can read pressdog’s scoop here:

Autosport.com: F1 Returning to US in 2012 with Austin, TX Race


  1. I live in Austin. There has not been a inkling of news about this until Tuesday. No rumors or anything. People around here are as surprised as anyone. They don't know where it will be built, but this is a very "green" city and very conservative about building plans, so I don't think they'll just be able to build a racetrack without some controversy. Something doesn't seem quite right about this to me.

  2. ...and regarding the temps here--this year has been fairly mild so far but the last couple of years the temp went to 100 degrees in April and basically stayed there thru September. With high humidity.