Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RO-RO! Another Fenderlandz rant

Yeah, and I AIN’T even guzzlin’ Nyquil... But, I’m still fighting this FREAKIN’ Cold, although I’m going on Holiday next week NO matter what; Yuhs hears FRILLIN’ Cold...

So today’s rant includes just a very fast look at a few Tin top developments of note, even if I’ve never been exactly enamoured by ‘Ol DC who I used to call “SquareJaw.” Amongst other not so PG rated thingy’s... As I suppose it’s silly to need to have villains in motor racing, eh?

Coulthard to DTM
In case you haven’t heard, Scottish ex-Formula 1 Piloto David Coulthard has agreed to compete in this year’s Deutch Touren Meisters (DTM) series as a Mercedes Benz competitor. ‘Ol DC will begin his Tin Top adventure at the upcoming Hockenheimring event behind the wheel of a 2008 Spec ‘Merc along with keeping his day job as an F1 Commentator for the BBC as his racing won’t interfere with this.

Grand Am to “Hookup” with DTM?
Interestingly during the Last Lap segment of the Speed Report, (TSR) it noted that reportedly the Grand Am Officials had flown Across-the-Pond to discuss a possible rules sharing package with the DTM? Which I’m guessing would be sorta like how the American le Mans Series runs off of the ACO’s rules for the 24 Heurs du Mans. As wouldn’t that be entertaining to see those silhouette ‘Merc Door Bangers bouncing around Day-Toner...

Thunder Down Under
Marc of Full Throttle has been covering the “Mega” SuperStarz gala entry list for the upcoming SuperCarnivul race at Surfers Paradise later this year, as the V8 Supercars take over the abruptly dropped Indy Car event which is a real fan favourite... (Not to mention how much the Sheila’s like it, eh?) Thus in order to spice up the show, Organizer’s have made it into a SuperStarz showdown with the likes of Chip Ganassi’s IndyCar Boyz, Team Penske’s Aussie Twins, etc. Check it out here; SuperCarnivul update