Tuesday, April 27, 2010

IRL’s Newest, Besstest, Shiniest Triple Crown –Whatever...

WTF!!! What an extremely SAD day for Indy car enthusiasts... WOW! Look Ma, I won the BBEEESSSSSTTTTTT 3 Races-in-a-Row, Tick-TACKY-Toe ‘IndeeCarz Cup sponsored by Frosted Flakes... ‘Cause uze knows... Waits for it... TUH-DUH! Their GURR RRREEEAAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!!

IndyCar Officials Confirm that they wanna be like the WWE

Hey, it’s kinda like Indy 500 Qualifying... You could win the Ple in the morning, noon or night... You could run up to 26 Times a day and NOT be BOOMPED outta Duh Field, or you coulds just waits tills One minute to go ‘N slap on your 47th set of red rubber and throw down a flyer, Blah-blah-blah...

So will somebody please explain to me how this fits in with Unification? Ovalheads vs. Left ‘N Righters... Oh Never Mind!

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  1. MeThinks A.J. Foyt and one Rufus Parnelli Jones, to name just two of the greats at both disciplines, wouldn't approve.

    And BTW, thinkin' SpaghettiOs or Kellogg’s Fruit Loops would make "great" oval track sponsors.

    Also wonder where this leaves Milkaluscious? Will she become the Rolling Chicane Champ?

    With five potential females at Indy will there be an Estrogens Champion?

    HEY, I only ask because I care. Really!