Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Art Thou George?

Don’t know why, but every time I think about Good ‘Ol Uncle Sam ‘N Tax Day... I immediately flash to that time honoured Beatle’s song TAXMAN! And even clearer yet; Put Clover Pennies on your Eyes...

Hence, I thought of ‘Ol George Harrison a few dayzes earlier this week and thought it a perfect metaphor to scribble ‘bout... As after all in his later life Messer Harrison was known to frequent the Formula 1 Paddock and even Chum about with his new found pal ‘EJ, Y’all know that plucky Irishman named Eddie Jordan... Who will always have a place in my Memorex for being a very colourful character in F1, a la Flavour Flav... Except NOT in the same BAD way as his Royal Highness FB, nee Flavio Briatore... Even if their fates were somewhat intertwined over the career path of a one Mr. Michael Schumacher, eh?

Yet, perhaps ‘Ol EJ will dust off his ‘Drum Kit ‘N play a rousing rendition of George’s Taxman Song amongst other Dities the Boyz used to jam to while Harrison’s GeeTar continues weeping...

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