Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WARNING: to Blackout?

Without going into the long winded rant I wrote about this story for future posting, It has been brought to my attention upon spending the morning discussing the travails of my current ‘Vurd Butchering... That perhaps I’d better warn my loyal No readers of a massive change that is most likely set to impact my site in the very near future...

Since beginning this blog in “ZeppTember” (September) of Twenty-Oh-Six, (2006) I have been publishing my racing stories thru the Blogger.Com blog platform which is owned by Google. Unfortunately it is an OLD style FTP blog which Google/Blogger.Com will NO longer be supporting as of Saturday, May 1, 2010.

Thus at the moment, I do NOT know how my dedicated Blogmeister Miguel will be able to rectify this matter? Or what the final impact – outcome will be? As we’re hoping to continue on bringing you the latest happenings of the Motorsports ‘Vurld via the internet Custom Domain of

You can follow-up the latest developments at my other temporary address:

If you wish to read some of the Techno-babble over what this FTP NIGHTMARE is all about, click here. And fear not, I will continue to scribble ‘bout Motorsports until the impending Blackout deadline and beyond.

Thank you for your continued interest and support... And now back to my latest Motorsports scribblings, with more to follow; obviously!