Monday, April 19, 2010

Watching the Wheels go round

What a long-strange-weekend, eh? Whale probably NOT as long ‘N strange for all of the Poor People stranded around the world due to the Iceland Volcano as I’ve just hung about watchin’ le Telescreen instead, seeing ‘JENSE ‘N RHR have their respective moments in the sun, albeit Messer Button’s day was spent largely Singing in the Rain, eh?

After having listened to another CRAPY IndyCar.Com internets Qualifying Broadcast Saturday afternoon, I watched the Formula 1 “Qualie” session from Shanghai and wrapped-it up “Just-in-Time” to witness the final 3 laps of the ALMS Race from Long Beach, CA... Where Simon “Symone” Pagenaud put on a Full Court press upon Adrian Fernandez in the faster Aston Martin V-12 LMP1 Prototype to complete a last lap Bonsai pass upon “Yo Adrian!” Whose brakes were apparently going off the boil... And thus the “slower” Highcroft ARX-01C Honda LMP2 Prototype was victorious, so Nice Job Symone!

And just one of numerous folks affected by the Icelandic Plume was Justin Wilson’s Mum, who had planned to fly over from Jolly ‘Ol England (Shettfield) to take in the Long Beach race weekend and probably check upon her Grandaughters... Butt to NO avail as Heathrow was a very quiet place this weekend instead Aircraft-wise!

Then Sunday morning I watched a very entertaining Chinese GP where everybody just “Slip-slided-Away!” As I was barking at le Telescreen for ‘JENSE to not let that pesky “Louise JAGUAR” Hamilton by, especially after his contretemps in the Pitlane with Master Zebb. (Vettel) Did Y’all catch the cheeky Post-race interview SPEED NewBoy Will buxom had with Sebastain leaving the (Stewards) Principal’s Office...

Then I found the Indy Lights race by accident; more later upon that... Before I selectively waited ‘til 1:05PM Pacific to drop into Versus ‘N see if the Pre-race banter was over yet?

And I’m very happy for Ryan “The IZOD Dude” Hunter-Reay winning the race, but I have to say I found it pretty lackluster overall, even trying to keep from nodding off during the telecast... Oh gee wiz? Another Go Danicker commercial!

Thus for entertainment... I went for my Sunday evening nightcap ‘O Motorsports lore, nee The Speed Freaks, who are definitely The Lighter side of Motor Racing...

Thus, in typical fashion, SF’s Ringleader Kenny Sargent spent a considerable amount of Airtime spewing on ‘bout the impact of the Texas RASSCARLAND events being postponed ‘til Monday due to precipitation...

Yet, in the most Karmic type of posterity... Which was absolutely FREAKIN' classic! As Kenny was BLATHERIN' ON about Rain Delays and the incurred expenses for the second time in the show... Waylaid with fodder over the NHRA’s Four-wide Charlotte event and Humpy Wheeler’s comments upon puttin’ roofs over Oval tracks... Hmm? Sounds like Uncle Bernaughty should hire Humpy to be his next USGP Promoter, eh? As we could then have track shortcuts, gold medals and all of the other trimmings, eh?

So somewhere near the end of the Show’s first hour, as I was only stickin’ round to hear what the Highcroft American Le Mans Boyz had to say... After having first lost StatMann, who'd been suffering Technical Difficulties ALL show long, fate intervened!?! As suddenly the Speed Freaks internets stream simply went DEAD in mid sentence... And trying to re-logon, I kept getting a broken internets Media Player message, NICE!

But Hey! As for the POOR RASSCAR teams/Fans, etc; Get Over It 'Sarge! Or have you heard 'bout what the Volcano in Iceland is doing to World Travel? As in 13 Formula 1 Teams with approx. 65 personnel apiece, not to mention their equipment, i.e.; Racecars and everything associated with a “Flyaway” Race! Not to mention the countless Support people, Pit Reporters and Media covering the event for us, who DON'T know if they'll be able to get home from China to Europe for One Week!

Then I read this morning via England that the Airspace is still shut down for a fifth consecutive day with 400,000+ BRITS alone stranded around the Globe, as none other then Grizzled F1 “Journo” Joe Saward has two very brief but entertaining posts upon his Grand Prix Blog towards the travails of the F1 Circus trying to wing its way home from Shanghai...

F1 not the most important thing – shock!

And Oh Yeah! They claim it's costing the Airlines $200 MILLION per day in LOST revenues, so I think getting back to Charlotte from DFW is really NOT worth the excessive Airtime you gave it Kenny!