Monday, April 19, 2010

An iconically named leader?

Whale I’m really surprised that NOBODY has latched onto the fact that the man tabbed to oversee the Indy Car’s ICONIC Board slated to select the league’s new 2012 chassis is some retired General Named Looney... As in LOONEY TUNES! Or is that just me? Hmm? Perhaps everybody is afraid of having to drop ‘N do twenty push-ups, eh?

And the rest of the selection committee, after General William R. Looney III and Gil De Ferran had been named are a most interesting bunch, especially the ex-Ford/Jaguar connection... As Brian Braveheart, a.k.a. THE I.H.J. nee Brian Barnhart was added, along with Tony Purnell, · Neil Ressler, Tony Cotman, Eddie “The Goose” Gossage and · Rick Long. To read more about each of these participants, click here.

Meanwhile I suppose I’d better drop ‘N give ‘Ol Gen. Looney III 20 push-up’s on the double, eh?