Monday, April 12, 2010


So I’m guessin’ Y’all are lookin’ for the roundup on yesterday’s racing action, eh? And hopefully I WON’T scare Yuhs all off again... As everybody seemed to JUMP ship when I tried warning Y’all that my No Fenders site might be having a temporary blackout in; WARNING: to Blackout?

But it appears that my Blogmeister has a plan which I certainly hope pans out, eh? As I’ve been trying to do some behind the scenes maintenance whilst in the midst of fighting a NEVER ending COLD; Aye Karumba! As its kinda like our weather up here; cold, rainy, cold, sunny-but COLD! Blah-blah-blah... And try laying low to kill a cold when they’re replacing the carpet directly above you and it sounds like Ed McMahon ‘N his WWF Crew are using your ceiling as their wrassling mat! (BUTT DON’T bother to fix the overly creaky floor joints; SHEISA!) But I digress...

And I’m trying to get the work done before I go off on a long needed Holiday break away from this blasted Confuzer next week, so please be patient as I’m trying to run around in the kitchen with NO Cooks, so to speak, eh? And now I know what the Postman must feel like, you know; neither rain, sleet, snow, etc.