Wednesday, April 21, 2010

‘Hinge does It!

So the never ending entertainment of the IndyCar.Com scourge goes on... As now the BUFOONS FAILED to even list the Firestone Indy Lights Race from Long Beach or post a link to the supposed webcast... CRIKEYS! I mean Yooze Guys are KILLING ME!

After watching my taped coverage of the Formula 1 Race from Shanghai and bopping’ around Bloggerland Sunday morning; Hey shouldn’t the Indy Lights Race be going on now? So after scratching my head over the lack of information... I just clicked on the Indy Car Big Boyz 5:30PM New York time webcast link instead.

And Wallah? A much intermitted gravelly Mark James voice came outta the speakers before Kevin Lee announced it was Lap 28 of the FIL race; Aye Karumba! And before I got too torqued, I went ahead and refreshed the page that was breaking up every 26 seconds and then listened to the remainder of the event.

And James “HinchTown” Hinchcliffe led all the way home, albeit a sudden flurry ‘O Yellow flag restarts ensued, beginning around Lap 34 of 45 with Charlie Kimball nipping at Mayor ‘Hinge’s heels, while Gastone Mazzacane, Err Gustavo Yacaman, as I dipped into Me ‘Ol Timer’s Formula 1 Folklore once again there... Yet, Jake Query stuck his microphone in front of an exceedingly HOT Yacaman who had given Tonis Kasemets some sorta “Polish Salute” when he’d passed by with Gustavo fuming over Kasemets STUPIDITY... Claiming he blamed Tony Cottman for allowing Kasemets to race as he’d simply been running around punting everybody up their backsides... As Yacaman asked is Tonis going to pay me $160,000 for my ruined Racecar?

With the carnage removed, Yellow flags rescinded and Pace Car back in Pit lane, ‘Hinge once again ran away from a pressing Kimball while current Points Leader Jean Karl Vernay came home third, with Sebastian Saavedra fourth and Kimball’s AFS/Andretti Autosport teammate Martin Plowman rounding out the Top-5.

Thus it was somewhat Karmic that last Tuesday I attempted listening to ‘Hinge’s two Roommates on Autosport Radio, as not only does Phillip Major “Tom” room with him, but Justin’s “Little” (NOT!) Brother Stefan also shares the Indiana house with the two “Kuh-Nucks...” As Phillip revealed that Stefan’s nickname is “Stretch,” while Don Kay announced the younger Wilson as a member of the English National Basketball Team; Hya! Cymbol crash please! With Stefan stating that he and older brother Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson are both Six foot Three and a half inches TALL!

And I’m happy that I managed to tune-in for ‘Hinge’s very first Indy Lights victory, learning that I’d actually been on hand in person way back when... Oh yeah, the year that WHINEYBAGS STIFFED me during my very first ever Champ Car Autograph session; circa Twenty-oh-Six(2006) as I can still see his screwed-up face ‘N crooked ‘Schnauz... As I do known now that it was indeed Junquiera, so its even more ironic that the two Champ Car Drivers in question nearly four years ago; Alex Tagliani & Bruno Junqueira are inexplicably joined at the hip this Month of May via ‘TAG’s courtesy, eh?

Champ Car sends Devoted Fan Fuming

Yet it seems such a long time ago witnessing ‘Hinge capture his inaugural Atlantics victory at Portland International Raceway as I think that’s the year the track had a power failure due to the nearby Lightning Storm smack dab during Champ Car Final Qualifying.

Way to go ‘Hinge ‘N Team Moore! May you win the Title this year in front of the series proverbial “Heavy Hitters...” And Please! Bring Back the Indy Car’s to Portland will yuh Mr. Bernard, we miss you!