Monday, April 5, 2010

F1 Math Question

Apparently my headache wasn’t throbbing hard enough when I first heard the news... And therefore I tried performing the following math question, to see if I could make my headache even worse?

Liters to gallons = X 0.264.
Gallons to pounds = X 8.35
Pounds to kilograms = X 0.454

12 X 0.264 = 3.168
3.168 X 8.35 = 26.4528lbs
26.453 X 0.454 = 12.00962

Therefore 12 liters = 3.168 gallons.
3.168 gallons = 26.4528 pounds
26.453lbs = 12 kilograms

And then multiply/divide that by Professor Matchett’s Kilos vs. seconds per lap time which I cannot recall at the moment...

Thus I am once again quickly reminded why I never tried to become an engineer! But I’d hazard to guess that the Virgin’s fuel tank was built this way on purpose to produce slightly faster lap times? As it’ll be interesting to learn whether there will be a VR01B or simply an all new monocoque? As I’m still quite befuddled by how Nick Wirth could have gotten these figures so WRONG? I mean, that cannot be a simple CFD mistake, eh?